Here it is....what we've all been waiting for....

Discovery Alternative High School Reuninon

All former students are invited
to attend the reunion on
October 7th, 2017
at 6pm-12am
at the 133 44th st. in
Grand Rapids, MI. 49548

In order to retrieve an accurate head count, we ask that you please fill out the ticket information. You will need to enter in your name but will not be asked to put in any source of payment. You do not need to print out a ticket, it will only send you and the event coordinator a confirmation email that states you have registered. No one will see any of your information. It is strictly just for a head count. Please take a look at the donations page, there is more information on that page you should know. The last day to register and make donations will be September 22, 2017. Thank you all!!

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Discovery Alternative Reunion
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When:October 7, 2017 6pm-12am
Where:133 44th St . Grand Rapids MI 49548
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